Coming July 28: Chicken, a novel by Chase Night

Shawn Mihalik
Posted on March 8, 2015

We’ve been working with Chase Night since 2012 while he worked on his fantastic debut Young Adult novel, Chicken, and today we can finally announce the date of its publication. We’re excited—very excited—about this one.

About the Book

Casper Quinn has a secret.
Brant Mitchell has two.

Hickory Ditch, Arkansas – July 2012

Popular fried chicken chain Wings of Glory is under attack from homosexual activists, and Harvest Mission Pentecostal Church is ready to fight back.

Casper wishes both sides would just shut up. He’s got enough on his plate already. His family lost everything after his father’s accident, including Casper’s future. Unless something changes, he and his secret will be stuck here forever, just like the ghost in the Ditch.

Brant was born stuck. Come graduation, he’s off to Bible college, but only so he can come back and take his rightful place behind the Harvest Mission pulpit. Just like his parents always planned. But there’s an awful lot Brant’s parents don’t know about him and never can.

Caught in the crossfire of a culture war in which they never enlisted, Casper and Brant will each have to find his own answer to the age-old question: Am I really what I eat? Because if they could find the courage the tell each other their truths, they might discover there really is life after the Ditch.

CHICKEN is a Southern Gothic YA novel with an infusion of magical realism. It’s a raw, honest, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant look at falling in love in a place where angels and demons are believed in without question, but the human heart is always subject to suspicion.

CHICKEN will be released by Asymmetrical Press on July 28, 2015.

About the Author

Chase Night was born and raised and currently resides in Arkansas, which he claims is both much better and far worse than everything you’ve heard. He shares his home with a fiancee, three dogs, a cat, and an immortal garden snail.

Chase has also lived on the outskirts of New York City, where he briefly shared a basement apartment with a ghost named Amelia, and in the heart of Austin, Texas, where he briefly worked for a professional big game hunter and even more briefly attended the Austin Theological Seminary. (Chase is not known for his decision-making abilities.)

Now Chase devotes his time to writing fiction, creative non-fiction, and screenplays. He describe his novels, Chickenand The Natural State, as Southern Gothic or Rural Fantasy, anything but Paranormal Romance. He hopes his work appeals to all ages, but he has a passion for Young and New Adult literature.

He has been blogging haphazardly at Unbridled Existence since 2010.