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Professional Editing Services: $0.03 per word

You’re a writer. A good one. A great one even. And you’ve just finished your soon-to-be-bestselling book. But the cold hard truth is that your book won’t be a bestseller if your readers can’t get past the first few paragraphs because you missed a dozen typos.

Let’s face it: when it comes to editing and proofreading our own work, we’re unreliable. Actually, we suck. We’re simply too close to the subject to be effective.

One of our professional editors will comb over your look with an objective eye—the eye of a reader. They will approach it with the skill that comes from years of experience and bring it back to you with typos fixed and edits made, but they will also send you a set of detailed notes with further suggestions that will strengthen your work and your voice as an author.

At the end of the day, a good editor not only improves a writer’s work, he improves a writer’s future work. In addition to regular copyediting, fishing for typos and grammatical errors, our editors help you shape your own voice as an author. The $0.03-per-word cost includes full-service content editing, end-to-end editing, detailed recommendations regarding structure, grammar, syntax, flow, storyline, etc., all provided by Asymmetrical’s Editor-in-Chief, Shawn Mihalik.

Shawn got my manuscript back to me quickly and I couldn’t be happier with what I got. He made sure to keep my specific concerns in mind and address them throughout the manuscript. He provided positive feedback in addition to letting me know what needs work. He was able to point out everything from inconsistencies between scenes down to redundant or cliche phrases. He knows it all and I am so glad that I got his feedback on my work.
—Alison Ver Halen, author of 
Danny, a novel

Whenever I urgently needed an article to be edited, Shawn was always there to lend a pair of eyes. I very much appreciate his fast turnaround and attention to detail.
—Warren Cassell Jr., Author of The Farm of Wisdom

I approached Shawn because I was enthusiastic about producing the best possible content on my new blog. Shawn not only helped me succeed in this endeavor, but he also helped me develop into a much better writer; the result was clear and engaging content. I found the experience with Shawn to be both rewarding and educational. From the detailed feedback on my drafts, to the one-on-one Skype sessions to discuss techniques, Shawn clearly cares about helping his clients become the best possible writers that they can be. I would recommend Shawn to anyone who needs an educated mentor to improve their writing for all purposes.
—Raul Rodriguez

Cost: $0.03 per word (example: $600 for a 20,000-word book)

To Purchase This Service:
1. Calculate your cost at $0.03 per word.
2. Send us an email (howdy@asymmetrical.co) and tell us your name and about your work. Attach your manuscript file to that email if you’d like.
4. We’ll be in touch shortly thereafter. If we’re available to edit the project, we’ll let you know and send you a payment link. If we’re not currently available, we’ll let you know when we will be and do our utmost to help you out as quickly as possible.

Questions? Email howdy@asymmetrical.co.