Lake Horatio: A Note From the Author

Shawn Mihalik
Posted on March 10, 2014

The following is a post from Robert I. Brown, author of Lake Horatio, published today by Asymmetrical Press.

Two years ago, I began writing fiction: short-stories and a horrible first draft of my attempt at a novel. Up until I started writing stories for Lake Horatio, everything before it felt too safe and careful. I felt as if I had someone looking over my shoulders while I typed the words.

When I completed the first story I wrote for this collection (“Fishing with Father”), I felt free. I was elated by what I had created, and I knew I was on to something; I felt comfortable and knew—though the words were fictional—I had told the truth.

Lake Horatio is a very special book for me, because it is the first piece of work where I felt I could be honest, at least with myself. No longer did I have to cobble together stories to please everyone. No longer did I have to stress over what some people would rather read. I wrote what I liked and told the truth as I saw it.

I wrote Lake Horatio because I wanted to feel something true.

The stories in this collection went through countless drafts. I have never worked harder on anything in my life, and I couldn’t be more proud than to have this collection as my literary fiction debut.

I hope you enjoy Lake Horatio. If you do, please leave a review on Amazon and share the book with a friend or two.

Thank you.

About the Book

Gunfire erupts at a county fair. A woman uses poetry to humiliate her abusive lover. A boy manipulates his younger friend into baptizing the preacher’s daughter. A man’s family watches as he pummels a drunk in a bar. The stories in Lake Horatio whisk together the loneliness, disappointment, and madness of characters haunted by Southeastern Louisiana’s emptiness.

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