Colin Wright

Colin Wright


At 19, Colin quit three of his five jobs and started a magazine.

Years later, Colin was running a flourishing branding studio in Los Angeles when he decided to change course and try something new. After getting rid of anything that wouldn’t fit into a carry-on bag, Colin hit the road and has been traveling the world — living in a new country every four months, based on the votes of his blog readers — ever since.

Colin’s books include Amazon bestselling nonfiction works like Iceland India Interstate and Act Accordingly. He also writes fiction, ranging from the the speculative science fiction series Real Powers to the collection of short stories about creation, Mean Universe, to the time traveling adventure tale, Ordovician.

Colin has been interviewed on hundreds of TV shows, radio stations, and online publications all around the world. He’s had his work published across the web, and in traditional publications in dozens of countries. He also sometimes appears in trashy tabloids next to very tan rock stars and celebrities.