Lorraine Gordon

Lorraine Gordon


Describe yourself and your talents in exactly 17 words.
Writer, Super speller, Honest, Word nerd, Extroverted, Artist, Goal setter, Funny, Organized, Reader, Detail oriented, Rebellious, Dependable

What made you want to work with Asymmetrical Press?
It just feels right. I like the philosophy behind The Minimalists, who have also introduced me to Colin Wright and Leo Baubata, of Zen Habits. You all have contributed much to my life over the past year or so, and now I have the opportunity to contribute to you.

Would you rather ride on a train, dance in the rain, or feel no pain? Why?
“Toot-toot!” was merry music to my ears at odd hours of the day and night when I was a child. My dad worked for the railroad, and I’ve always slept like a baby whenever riding in a gently rocking coach.

My father died just three years after he retired from the railroad. After his funeral, during the casket-lowering ceremony, some of his mates slowly drove a train along the tracks that run alongside the cemetery. They leaned on the whistle for a long, slow blast.

The mournful whistle of a far-off train speaks to me now of sadness and loss. But I still feel connected to trains, and I conjure one up whenever I need to sink into sleep.