Published Today: Identities, Poems by Robert Isaac Brown

Shawn Mihalik
Posted on October 1, 2015

Today, we’re proud to release Identities, the second book from Asymmetrical author Robert Isaac Brown.

Identities represents a couple firsts for Asymmetrical Press. It’s the first poetry collection we’ve published (it’s also the first poetry collection from Brown, who’s known for his short stories), and it’s our first book whose physical format is a beautiful 6×6 square rather than a traditional 5×8.

About the Book

We spent a while trying to write a summary of Identities, but how does one efficiently and effectively recapitulate a collection of free verse, haiku, and prose poetry? In the end, only a poem can summarize poetry, so we’ll leave you with the following, from the book’s back cover:


glistens through the wine
in the glasses and moves into
our bones and warms us, we laugh
at the water on the table as it leaps
to the floor. it wiggles through the
cracks that run like streams. we will
die happy. we will die with smiles on
our wrinkled faces.

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