By Colin Wright

Humanity has achieved balance with the planet and with itself. There is peace. There is stability. There is comfort and contentment for every person on Earth.

But this utopian civilization requires a pressure valve. In order to remember the past, humanity must repeat it, and does so through the eyes of intellectual athletes called Olympians who are tasked with acting out historical moments by assuming the roles of people both legendary and mundane.

Ordovician is a middle-tier Olympian, working his way up the rankings when he stumbles across something that doesn’t belong; a discovery with repercussions that sends his life spiraling and tests his faith in the Game, and the Present.


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Publication Date: January 17, 2014
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-938793-37-0
eISBN: 978-1-938793-36-3
Pages: 185