Robyn Devine


In 2009, with little forethought and no fanfare whatsoever, Robyn Devine decided to knit one hundred hats from one hundred different patterns. In less than a year, she’d met her goal and found her life transformed.

Now with a goal to make 10,000 hats for 10,000 people in her lifetime, Robyn spends her days with knitting needles and yarn in hand. She knits a stitch here and a row there in between coloring pictures and playing trains with her pre-school-aged son Owen, trying to keep her toddler daughter Lou from eating Playdoh, and watching movies and eating pizza with her husband Zach.

Robyn is the author of the popular blog She Makes Hats, and published a book by the same name in early 2014. Her charity hat projects have been featured on popular lifestyle blogs and knitting blogs alike, and she claims to know the entire chorus to Snow’s “Informer,” which we all know is just gibberish, but let her have her beliefs.